Dear prospective SUNECHO 2020 delegate

We find ourselves in a time of uncertainty both locally and internationally regarding the Covid � 19 pandemic. The practical consequences of the pandemic have already been far reaching.

The currently agreed on strategy of containment aims to protect medical services and by extension, the small proportion of patients that are severely affected by the infection and may require critical care. Internationally, travel bans are now the norm and locally, travel is already strongly discouraged in the workplace where bans have not been instituted. This is affecting the ability of local and international conference speakers, delegates and sponsors to attend meetings and unfortunately this will also affect SUNECHO 2020. We are a small healthcare community and might be called on to assist in caring for people affected by the virus, which is a further factor that will affect our ability to attend meetings in weeks to come.

After consulting widely and considering both the rate of increase in the number of infections locally and the course that the virus spread has run in Europe and the UK, we have taken the difficult decision to cancel SUNECHO 2020. Please note that the SUNECHO meeting will not be shifted to a later date this year and the next meeting will only be held in 2021.

We thank you all for your understanding and wish you well for the challenging period that lies ahead. We hope to see you all at SUNECHO 2021.

Best wishes

Your SUNECHO team

Dr Philip Herbst
Dr Fonnie Pecoraro
Prof Anton Doubell